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4 signs we are ready to embrace higher levels of spirituality

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Spirituality, in its essence, is the vast journey of understanding one’s connection to the universe and the layers of consciousness that envelop our being. Like climbing a mountain with multiple peaks, there are various levels to this journey, each bringing its own revelations and challenges.

Embarking on a spiritual journey is not merely about following rituals or reading scriptures. It is about the profound inner transformation that unfolds as you ascend through these levels. As we grow spiritually, our perceptions deepen, our hearts expand, and our souls find a clearer purpose.

But how do we know when we’re ready to embrace these higher levels of spirituality?

Being ready for deeper spiritual exploration isn’t about expertise or mastery; it’s about openness, sincerity, and a genuine yearning to understand more than what meets the eye. It’s a silent calling from within that feels insatiable, urging us to seek beyond the known.

This readiness often comes with introspection, a deep sense of awareness, and the ability to embrace change. It’s about acknowledging the vastness within and being willing to delve deeper, even if it means challenging our existing beliefs.

As we pave the way for the signs that show you’re prepared to dive into these profound realms, remember that this journey is deeply personal and unique to every individual. It’s not a race, but a beautiful, transformative dance of the soul.

1. People might call you crazy

There’s an old parable of a fish who went on a quest to find water, only to realize he was swimming in it all along. Similarly, many of us are so entrenched in societal norms and expectations that we become unaware of them. But as one embarks on the spiritual path, these constructs start to blur, and we begin to see them for what they truly are: mere guidelines, not absolute truths.

Imagine a bird in a cage. For years, it’s been taught that the bars around it define its world. But one day, the door is left open. The bird, initially hesitant, eventually flies out, experiencing the vastness of the sky. To those birds still inside the cage, this act seems bizarre, even reckless. But the free bird knows the boundlessness of the open sky, something the caged can never fathom.

In a society driven by conformity, the spiritual seeker often seems out of place. There’s a stoic wisdom which says, “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” This rings true for many on the spiritual path. When you choose the road less traveled, some might label you ‘eccentric’ or ‘peculiar’. Yet, it’s crucial to remember that just because something is ‘normal’ doesn’t make it ‘natural’.

The societal grip often seeks uniformity. It cherishes the known, the comfortable. But as you traverse the spiritual landscape, the old norms might no longer resonate. This dissonance is

not a sign of estrangement but an indication of a profound transformation. The authentic self doesn’t seek approval; it seeks truth. And sometimes, that truth is different from popular opinion.

To be considered ‘odd’ by those who’ve never ventured beyond the known might, in fact, be a compliment. It’s an affirmation that you’re listening to a different drumbeat, that you’re in tune with a deeper rhythm of existence.

The mind, conditioned by years of societal imprints, seeks familiarity, a sense of belonging. But the heart, the eternal wanderer, seeks not safety but expansiveness. It thrives not in confines but in boundless freedom.

In this transformative journey, if you find yourself being labeled ‘different’ or ‘unconventional’, wear these tags with pride. They’re not shackles but badges of honor, signifying that you’re on a path leading to higher realms of understanding and consciousness.

2. You want to find the truth no matter what

In the expansive journey of life, there comes a pivotal moment where our hunger for knowledge transcends the mere act of living. It becomes an unyielding passion, so intense that one feels they’re ready to ‘die’ to uncover the profound truths of existence. This metaphorical death is not about the cessation of life but an emblem of utmost dedication and fervor towards spiritual enlightenment.

Consider this analogy: In a vast desert, a traveler seeks water with unyielding desperation. They know that without it, they might perish. Yet, their quest isn’t driven by the fear of death but by an insatiable thirst. Similarly, the spiritual seeker’s pursuit is driven by an unparalleled yearning for knowledge. They are prepared to give up everything, even confront the idea of ‘death’, if it means they might sip from the chalice of truth.

This profound thirst is not about mere curiosity. It’s a deep-seated need, an inherent part of one’s being. Like a moth drawn to a flame, knowing the peril it might face, the seeker is pulled towards the light of knowledge. The flame represents truth, and even if the moth ‘dies’ in its pursuit, it does so having touched the very essence of its attraction.

To be ready to ‘die’ for the truth signifies:

Relinquishing Attachments: Just as a tree sheds its old leaves to make way for the new, the seeker is willing to let go of old beliefs, biases, and comforts to embrace a higher understanding.

Undeterred Determination: Imagine a miner, digging deeper and deeper, knowing that every layer he penetrates brings him closer to the gem he seeks. In the same vein, the seeker digs into the layers of existence, with every challenge faced amplifying their resolve.

Embracing Vulnerability: To truly understand, one must be open, raw, and vulnerable, like an open book, ready to be written upon by the quill of truth.

It’s said, “Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.” This thirst for spiritual knowledge is not just about acquisition but embodiment. It’s about living the truths, breathing them, becoming them.

A quote by Socrates captures this essence perfectly: “I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.” This profound admission of ignorance is not a sign of weakness but a testament to a genuine seeker’s humility and ardor. It acknowledges that the journey towards truth is endless, but the path is illuminated by one’s fervent desire to know.

So, if you find yourself at this juncture, where the quest for spiritual knowledge eclipses all else, know that you’re on a sacred path. This insatiable thirst, this readiness to ‘die’ for the truth, is a beacon that guides you toward the very essence of existence. It’s a sign that you’re not merely treading on the path but are becoming one with it.

3. You are on the Verge

Diving deep into spirituality isn’t like sampling a dessert at a buffet. It’s not something you taste and then move on from. True seekers understand that genuine spiritual pursuit isn’t a fleeting hobby but a profound transformation.

For many, they remain at the surface of this vast ocean, hesitant to plunge deeper. Why? Because delving into the profound realms of spirituality means relinquishing what we believe we know, what we identify with. It’s letting go of the comfortable cocoon of the self to embrace the boundless sky of truth.

Indeed, spiritual exploration often begins as a curious foray, much like testing the waters. However, as we journey, there are moments that shake us to our core. It’s as though the universe itself challenges our commitment and longing.

I vividly recall instances on my path when I felt an overwhelming grief, a yearning so deep it’s hard to put into words. Underneath the vast expanse of the sky, I’d find myself tearfully questioning the mysteries of existence. It was as if an inner void was consuming me, urging me to discover my true essence. A voice within would cry out, desperate for clarity and understanding.

If you, too, find yourself grappling with such profound questions, with this pressing existential tug, know that you’re not alone. It may feel like a crisis, but in truth, it’s a divine push towards self-realization.

Others might dismiss your fervent quest as folly. But it’s a sign of an awakened spirit, a soul yearning for its true essence. This hunger, this thirst to understand our true nature, is the universe beckoning us to fulfill our highest destiny.

There’s a saying that echoes the sentiments of this journey: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” This quest for understanding, for seeing with “new eyes,” is at the heart of spirituality.

Once you awaken to this spiritual truth, there’s no turning back. It’s like opening your eyes for the first time and truly seeing. This newfound clarity isn’t something you can simply forget or ignore. The veil of ignorance, once lifted, can’t be draped again.

In this pursuit, the knowledge of our true self becomes the most precious gift we can offer the world and ourselves. Every step you take towards self-realization illuminates not just your path but also serves as a beacon for others.

4. Increased Intuition: You Trust your gut feelings more and recognizing their significance

In the quiet corners of our minds, beneath the hustle and noise of daily life, lies a voice that speaks with gentle clarity. It’s a whisper, soft but sure, and it’s known as intuition. Think of it as your inner compass, a guidance system more sophisticated than any technology.

You know that feeling when something doesn’t sit right, and you can’t quite explain why? Or when, against all odds, you’re drawn to a decision that turns out to be the perfect choice? That’s intuition at work.

Imagine you’re in a vast forest. While logic is like a map that shows you the well-trodden paths, intuition is like a gentle breeze guiding you, sometimes off the beaten path, but always in the right direction.

In a world that often praises logic and reason, trusting these ‘gut feelings’ might seem out of place. But it’s essential to understand that intuition is not the opposite of logic. It’s a complementary force, cultivated through experiences, emotions, and a deeper connection with oneself.

Historically, many great minds have acknowledged the role of intuition. Albert Einstein once remarked, “The only real valuable thing is intuition.” It’s that instinctual understanding, the immediate grasp of truth without conscious reasoning.

Recent studies even suggest that these ‘gut feelings’ might be more than just metaphors. The human gut is lined with a network of neurons so intricate that it’s often referred to as the ‘second brain’. This could very well be the source of those ‘gut reactions’ that we so often feel.

But how do you harness this gift?

Firstly, it’s about creating space in your life for silence. In the quiet moments, the intuitive voice becomes clearer. Meditation, nature walks, or simply sitting in quiet reflection can help.

Secondly, practice listening. Start with small choices and see how your intuitive feelings guide you. Over time, as you recognize its value, it becomes easier to trust this guidance for more significant decisions.

Lastly, journaling can be a tool to decode your intuition. When faced with decisions, write down your immediate feelings and reflect upon them later. Often, patterns emerge that give insights into how your intuition communicates.

Remember, in the journey of life, while logic is the path, intuition is the light. Trust in it.

5.Sensivity to Energies: You feel and Recognise Vibes from People, Places, and Even Objects

We’ve all been there. Walking into a room and sensing an inexplicable tension, or meeting someone for the first time and feeling an instant connection. It’s as though the world around us hums with invisible currents, and sometimes, we’re attuned enough to pick up on them.

This sensitivity to energies isn’t about supernatural abilities or magic. It’s an intrinsic human experience, albeit more pronounced in some than others.

Think of a day when you’ve been feeling on top of the world, only to watch a distressing news segment and suddenly, your mood shifts. It’s like a dark cloud overshadowing your previously sunny disposition. That’s the influence of external energies at play. The news, carrying a certain vibration or energy, resonated with you and altered your state.

Similarly, have you ever walked into an old building or antique shop and felt a peculiar heaviness or a mix of unexplained emotions? Places, just like people, store energies. The walls of an old home might echo with the laughter and sorrows of its past inhabitants. Objects, especially those tied to strong emotions, can retain residues of those feelings.

But it’s not just about places or objects. People radiate energy too. Ever heard of the term ‘mood contagion’? It’s the phenomenon where we ‘catch’ the emotions of those around us. A friend’s bubbly enthusiasm can uplift you, while another’s negativity can pull you down.

Being sensitive to these energies is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it fosters deeper connections, empathy, and an enriched understanding of the world. On the other, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed, especially in crowded places or during emotionally charged situations.

So, what can you do to navigate this world of energies?

Awareness: Recognize your sensitivity. Understand that what you’re feeling is valid, even if not always visible.

Grounding: When overwhelmed, grounding exercises, like deep breathing or feeling the earth beneath your feet, can help anchor you.

Protection: Visualize a shield or bubble around you, especially in environments with conflicting energies, to guard your emotional and energetic space.

Declutter: Just as we clean our physical spaces, it’s crucial to cleanse our energetic environments. This can mean distancing from energy-draining individuals or habits, or even doing a digital detox if media and online spaces feel too intense.

Life is vibrant, echoing with countless energies. Sensing them is a gift, offering a fuller, richer experience of the world around us. With awareness and self-care, we can not only navigate this dance of energies but truly thrive in it.

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